We are a leading Image Consultancy in Malaysia with a team that build on trust, and focus on delivering excellence to the needs of diverse groups in the local market and International arena. Our burning desire to empower men and women regardless of professional background through an image improvisation that Beyond Image Consultancy is conceived.

Impacting lives beyond image, that has always been in our heart.

Truly, we want to deliver more than just mere cosmetic overhaul. After all, a holistic approach from within is necessary too, in order to attract great opportunities that take our career to the next level. So, our mantra is really this; "as within, so without." At Beyond Image Consultancy, we go beyond for our clients.

Our Value

Always strive to go beyond customers' expectations.

Our customers are our friends, whom we care for their organizational and personal growth.

Balancing humility and humanity in all that we do.

Our Mission

Empowerment with elegance and eloquence to attract greater opportunities and advancement in career and business.

Inspire change in individuals from inside out to enable greater confidence and self-love to lead a happier, more purposeful life.

Our Vision

To become a highly sought-after Image Establishment in South East Asia, known for its dedicated team and result-oriented programmes built on practicality but shaped with the human touch.


The Founder, Jade Lim

Certified Image and Beauty Consultant

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