People learn best when the process of learning is filled with enjoyment.

That's why our corporate workshops are developed to be fun, interactive, practical and personally enlightening. We focus on enhancing client relationship and business performance effectiveness.


Professional Grooming

Clothes make the man – and woman. Whether closing a sale, coaxing a client, delivering a keynote, managing a meeting, or negotiating a contract, how you dress makes a difference.

Learn how to project the perfect message with your clothing choices. Gain insights to enhance your business performance effectiveness and your bottom line.

Brown Bag Sessions

A highly impactful Image Development Series designed for busy executives. The series is work to re-enhance, re-connect, reinforce the message, knowledge and application in Image enhancement. The result is promising!

Business &
Social Etiquette

People determine your and your business' success. How you make an introduction, deal with your peers, subordinates, superiors and customers; conduct yourselves in meetings; interact via phone, email or social media - these touchpoints show how business and social savvy you are, and they make or break deals.

Good business and social etiquette is about being comfortable around people, and making them comfortable around you. Cultivating good etiquette including developing positive body language will give you the extra edge in your career and business.

Power Presentations

It’s no secret: The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more important your public speaking skills become. If you have your sights set on increased responsibility and the position and salary that go with them, you will need to position yourself ahead of the crowd in advance. You need to sell yourself, your ideas, your value and your ability at all stages of your career. This requires learning high-level public speaking skills. We help you make a strong impression and increase your chances of acceptance.

Dining Etiquette

Put yourself at ease at dining table will allow you to pay full attention at your business at hand. And you never know, your potential employer or customer may be watching how savvy you are with the table manners. From a common business entertainment to Chinese and Western dining, having right kind of dining etiquette can help you score brownie points with prospective stakeholders.

Gen Y - Up Your Competitiveness

A winning impression at the first job interview is crucial for you to secure the second interview. It is all about your ABC - your appearance, behavior to communication. We help to bring out the best in you on the ABC winning factor, to enable you to sell yourself effectively for your dream job!

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