You can get tired of your "look". You can even end up not wearing the clothes you’ve spent good money on. Maybe you just want to look a bit slimmer or younger or at the very least, more "current".


At some point, in one way or another, you will feel the need for change. Whether it is to help you move up the career ladder or to add a little sass for the dating game. Be it a total look overhaul or simply a few finer touches. You can get people to notice a positive change in you.


Personal Color Consultation

How much do you spend each time you cut or colour your hair? Easily RM500-RM800. And you probably need to pay that amount once a month to maintain your style. But are you forgetting something? When it comes to colour, it is not just what is on your hair that is important.

You can look dull or "wow" just by the colour of your outfit. When done right, the colour you wear can even impact your aura. For the amount you pay for a good hair cut and a good colour job, you can get a detailed Personal Analysis Consultation that will benefit you for at least the next 10 years.

Discover the colours that bring out the "wow" in you and resonate with your personality. Contact us now!

Personality Style Consultation

When you find the style that complements with your personality, you master it!

Is it common for you to end up with new outfits hanging in your wardrobe virtually untouched? Certain cuts and fabric may feel good in the department store, but once home, the very same piece could be a lot less flattering.

Well, we will help you solve the tricky outfit puzzle; by identifying your body shape, proportion and personality (yes, this plays a huge part!), we will guide you on ways to invest on clever pieces that will fit your career, and social and personal life.

Personal Makeup

If you have ever done the hiring then you would know exactly how important it is to project a pleasant appearance during interview sessions. Even if you haven't been in that position, as an individual, you have certainly experienced the feel good factor and how much it energises you to know that you look great with colours that complement you. That is the magic of make-up!

Whether it is just lining your eyes, adding a hint of rogue to your lips or the whole nine yards that include the foundation, concealer, blusher, etc., we will teach you practical, simple, easy-to-master make-up steps that you will not dread putting to practice every morning.

Personal Coaching

You know that looking good will make you feel good, but you just don't know where or how to start? You can begin with our Personal Coaching sessions. Inspirational and highly focused on helping you form the necessary skills, we will walk you through your needs, wants, and the challenges that stand in the way.

This is not a one-size-fits-all session; we tune our consultation techniques in accordance to each individual's learning pace and style. We can be the coach who encourage and motivate, or we can be the ones to provide a friendly nudge in the right direction – whatever it takes, first and foremost in our minds is to ensure an image transformation that is not just successful, but also one that fits your aspirations and goals.

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