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"Jade’s session was an eye opener to me! I had never thought we have so many body shapes and they determine our shopping choice. I am now more confident in selecting my choice of dressing. I have a better understanding of my color selection and mix & match. Highly recommend Jade’s workshop to anyone who seriously think about enhancing their personal image! She is interactive, fun and impactful!"

Eddie Siow, Unit Sales Manager, SICM of Great Eastern Life

"When I was invited on stage, I felt excited and nervous! Thanks to Jade’s valuable suggestions. I made a change after the workshop, and received compliments from my customers and friends, one after another! Importantly, I felt so much more confident! Jade, thank you for being a wonderful trainer who impacted the change in me! I am grateful for your guidance."

Jing Theng, Insurance Agent, SICM of Great Eastern Life

"This is my third workshop with Jade. It is interesting and beneficial! Jade’s enthusiasm and passion makes the sharing so lively and enjoyable! Beautiful and wonderful sharing, Thank you Jade."

Pang Kim Far, Independent Business Owner
Audience at an Image Seminar conducted for Klang Chinese Commerce and Industry

"Teacher Jade, I'm so glad to meet you! I learnt a lot of things. I am not only impacted in terms of image and mentality, best of all, from this Ladies Day program, I take up the courage to challenge myself, I found back my self confidence. Thank you!"

Cathy Tan Huey Mien, Independent Business Owner, Ladies Day at Kelantan

"Jade is a passionate trainer. Her passion to share was equally consistent for external and internal audiences. She spent time with distributors, always listening and motivating. Jade is a diligent individual who always strives for excellence and takes pride in her work."

Chan Ngan Yue, Senior Manager - Marketing, Amway Malaysia

"Thank you for conducting the Skin Analysis sessions for our Distributors. You are not only effective, concise and practical throughout the session, we love your sincerity and generosity."

Lena Goh, Direct Distributor (Amway), CVI Global Sdn Bhd

"The Barrier Repair Workshop has guided me the correct way of taking care of my skin and better understanding of skincare. Jade is a nice and friendly Image Consultant!"

Queenie Lim, Participant of Barrier Repair Workshop by Citta Bella


Eddie Siow, Unit Sales Manager, SICM of Great Eastern Life


晋廷, Insurance Agent, Great Eastern Life


Mickyen Chan, Kindergarden Teacher, Ladies Day at Kelantan

"在我知道了老师会到来我们的center..我那时的第一感觉就是害怕.. 因为听到说要量body shape..我怕会被笑..我以前是个很害怕别人说我的人..很自卑..当我面对闲言闲语时..我就容易掉泪..所以女人有约的前一晚..我几乎害怕到不敢睡.. 随着年龄的增长..有些事渐渐在我身上有了转变.. 我懂得什么话应该接受..什么话应该撇去..

老师的到来..真的真的让我们得到了很多知识..获益不浅。 我才知道..无论内在美有多完美..外表若不得体..别人也是无法看得见的..我一直都以为其他不重要..只要内在美好就行了..哈哈!

我很喜欢老师教scarf的那一part..一套衣服配上不一样的scarf..可以有另一番风味! 很magic。您提供给我们的一切..我们都收下了, 记住了!自信就是美丽, 我记住了! 我一定一定会改变。感恩老师从大老远到来..为我们分享那么多..那是我们的荣幸!"

Mei Yun, Independent Business Owner, Ladies Day at Kelantan


Jade 生动有趣地与同学们道出了我穿着的弊端。他让我知道在不同场合要怎么穿才能让别人对我们有信心。我现在22岁,从事保险行业,虽说我的业龄已有4年半,但是我那份稚气让人觉得不是那么的可被信任。


CK Yap, Insurance Agent, Great Eastern Life

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