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I met Jade in a public event, she looked stunning despite that she does not carry the height of a model! That attracted me!

I've always wanted to have a new look and to renew my old wardrobe but I have no ideawhere to start. I didn’t take action indeed. Until recently, an independent assessment was conducted by Singaporean Assessors in my company. I was recommended to enhance on my image. The Assessor commented that a good image would be helpful in helping to build connection with people. Hence, I decided to make a change.

Jade is very passionate about her profession. In a 2-day one-to-one session, she coached me "how to fish", from understanding my body shape to hairstyle until making smart choice during shopping for attire mix. She constantly follow-up with me to ensure I practice the required skills to upkeep my new image. She goes the extra mile for me, which is beyond her scope of service.

Thank you Jade for making an impact in my life!

Ong Sin Moy, Assistant General Manager, Sunway City

"Jade is very dedicated to her craft of inspiring change and improving her clients' image. When she approached me for a makeover, I was more than willing to give it a try. The responses that I received were very encouraging. I liked the colour advisory the most, as the right colour enhances my mood and performance. Thank you, Jade. You did a wonderful job for my professional image."

Gina Ee, Insurance Agent, Alianze Life Insurance


Back in 2011…


Woon Wei and Marie-Anne are two good friends. Marie-Anne, hiding under her baggy blouses for years, finally, she discovered the gem in her! Her transformation inspired Woon Wei to make a change… Read the heart-felt journey Jade had with the two good friends, besides what they have to say about Jade.


The beautiful transformation of Marie-Anne (right) has inspired Woon Wei (left) to take the next step. Click here, see how Woon Wei has transformed!

"My experience with Jade was magical & personal. In order to bring out the reflection from the inner to the outer, she has the gift of connecting to one's essence, spoken and unspoken, seen and unseen.

She was "available" & "present" to me. The transformation for me is nothing I have seen nor felt & yet it is me, inside out, outside in. It takes a caring & gifted soul to draw these X factors out. Deepest gratitude to you Jade, you have a meaningful & purposeful vocation."

Marie-Anne Yong, Special Education Teacher


A postcard from Woon Wei to Jade.

"Dearest Jade, Thank you so much. Now you are not only my coach, but a friend who is truthful in your opinion and generous in sharing. I am especially impacted by your practicality; wanting us to understand "why" rather than spoon-feeding us – you wanted to see us improve step by step rather than forcing us or doing it for us.

You are a very encouraging person who always managed to put your comments across in a very encouraging manner. I hope many people had already expressed this to you before me. Thank you very much for being a good role model; showing me humility, calmness and gentleness. I am so grateful to be able to learn from you."

Woon Wei, Kindergarden Principal

Note: Jade's heartfelt experiences with Marie-Anne and Woon Wei took place when she was an Image Consultant with SWET. Special thanks to SWET for giving her the opportunity to cross path with the two beautiful friends.
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